About Us

Main goal of LIFE Constellations is to grow people's awareness about the existence of energy fields and laws which largely govern and significantly impact our lives. 

With this knowledge we all will get a true chance to live fulfilled, happy and purposeful lives by thinking, feeling and acting in ways that support everybody's well being.  

Integrating Challenges 

We come into this world, from the very inception, with spiritual heritage which is passed onto us from our family. Without our awareness we may carry significant weight and destinies of our ancestors which could significantly burden our life. LIFE Constellations (systemic constellations) allow us to uncover and integrate these challenges, free us up and open new possibilities to excel in our lives. 

Growth In Constellations 

As we participate in LIFE Constellations (systemic constellations) we get quite unique opportunity to experience different life facets. In such a way we gain truly precious insights into life's sophistication and its miraculous nature. More we experience, better we grow and evolve as human beings. 

Further Spiritual Development 

Every LIFE Constellation (systemic constellation) resolves itself through the flow of love. This love initiates and further supports our own spiritual development. Spiritual development which is the very purpose of our lives. 

Rising In Love 

As we participate in LIFE Constellations (systemic constellation) we learn about hidden laws of love which operate far away from our eyes. As we gain these insights we start adopting a new (our primordial) way of life. We start living our lives guided by respect, acceptance and love. We go back to our very essence. We rise in Divine Love! 

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