Career/Work Challenges

One third of our lives we spend at work. It is very important part of our life. Yet many people find themselves being stuck, overworked and unhappy with their jobs and careers. And this dissatisfaction easily gets spilled onto all other areas of life, our health, our families, children and friends.

Some of the most dominant challenges related to our work and career are as follows:

  • Having issues and challenges with your managers and/or superiors
  • Having difficult relationships with your colleagues and coworkers
  • Not being able to stay at a job for longer period of time
  • Not being able to find a career which fits your personality
  • Feeling stuck at your career and not being able to move forward
  • Feeling unappreciated and overworked
  • Not being paid properly for your work and contributions
  • Lack of confidence and effectiveness in your work
  • Looking to change profession, not sure which way to go
  • Running always into the same types of issues and challenges at work

Our experience shows that many of these problems could be actually rooted in our family constellations. In the experiences and energies passed onto us from our ancestors.

And at the same time, we ourselves could also be contributing and amplifying these challenges. Since we are not aware why and from where these challenges are coming from, we continue with the same habits and actions which created problems in the first place.

This is where Family Constellations help us significantly improve and resolve work and career related challenges.

The method itself works on balancing the energies we are surrounded with, resolving any entanglements and creating space for new things to develop in our lives.

The Family  Constellations workshops are humble and enriching experiences which invoke the best of us, Love, Compassion and Appreciation.

Through Love and Compassion, with the Divine support, existing entanglements get integrated and new opportunities for living a fulfilled and enlightened life are opened.

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