Systemic Constellations, as we call them LIFE Constellations, is a highly effective method for establishing balance and harmony in life. As its name says, this method is working with various types of systems such as family, friends, groups, teams, community, organisations, companies and similar.

The very essence of this method is in systemic laws, as we called them laws of love, which operate at subtle energy levels. These laws deterministically influence and impact everything in our lives from what we do, how we behave, what we experience, how fulfilled and happy we are, how successful we are and other.

LIFE Constellations help us resolve different types of challenges from many facets of life such as:

The method itself works on balancing the energies we are surrounded with, resolving any entanglements and creating space for new things to develop in our lives. The LIFE Constellations workshops are humble and enriching experiences which invoke the best of us, Love, Compassion and Appreciation.

Through Love and Compassion, with the Divine support, existing entanglements get integrated and new opportunities for living a fulfilled and enlightened life are opened.

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