Financial Challenges

We live in societies which are organized in such a way that money plays one of very important role.

Like others, money is another of essential life energies. And only when we respect it and honor it, we find a right way to live life in a good flow with the money.

And when we do not respect this energy of money, we face some of the following challenges:

  • Never having enough money
  • Not being able to control our spending
  • Not being able to cover our expenses
  • Having to work few jobs to support our life
  • Money is fleeing from us
  • We always have debts which we are not able to manage
  • We cannot afford vacations, cars and other life necessities
  • We have money but we are still unhappy and unsatisfied with our life

Our experience in working with family constellations undoubtedly prove that many of these challenges are rooted in our family. That our parents and our other ancestors lived different traumas with related emotional charges being recorded in the Knowing Filed (the Book of Life).

And based on systemic laws, which operate far from our awareness, these experiences and emotional charges, repeat themselves through the younger generations.

This is where family constellations help us uncover these traumas, help bring them to the light, and through the works of Divine Love, these challenges get integrated and resolved.

As we resolve these entanglements, new opportunities open up and the flow of money improves in our life.

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