Personal Challenges

LIFE Constellation’s help us resolve many personal challenges and issues. Throughout life we go through different cycles and at times we may be experiencing intense feelings of discomfort which block us from living a fulfilled life. Some of these feelings could be:

  • procrastination
  • fears
  • anxiety
  • depressions
  • guilt
  • blame
  • aggressiveness
  • addictions
  • lack of control
  • blockages

And when we look around, we may or may not see apparent reasons for these conditions and sufferings.

Our experience in working with systemic constellations undoubtedly prove that many of these challenges are rooted in our family. That our parents and our ancestors lived different traumas which with related emotional charges were recorded in the Knowing Filed (the Book of Life).

And based on the systemic laws, which operate far from our awareness, these experiences and emotional charges, tend to repeat themselves through younger generations.

This is where family constellations help us uncover these traumas, help bring them to the light, and through the works of Divine Love, these issues get integrated.

When these issues are brought to light and integrated, many of the challenges in our current life tend to significantly drop or completely disappear. This provides us with an opportunity to live entirely new life. Life filled with love and joy.

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