Life Constellations Is Dedicated To Assisting Us In Finding Our Own Way To Live Truly Purposeful, Fulfilled & Enlighetened Life.

Transform Struggles

Struggles, challenges and pain in life are strong warning signals pointing to issues  within ourselves we need to seriously work on. LIFE Constellations is tremendously impactful way of transforming even the most challenging struggles in life.

Improve Life

When we transform our hardest life challenges and struggles into new opportunities and possibilities, everything changes. Life Constellations positively improve our lives to whole new level of joy, happiness and fulfilment.  

Find Meaning

Life Constellations allow us to gain deep insights into the meaning and purpose of our challenges and struggles. With these insights we significantly grow our understanding of what life is all about and we enjoy it so much more.

Find Purpose

What is the purpose of my life? The most important question we seek to answer. Life Constellations help us gain insights into this answer. It opens energy flows to set us on a proper path of fulfilling the purpose of our own life.

Find True Happiness

As we start transforming life challenges into a new life, as we gain insights into life meaning, as we start working on our purpose of life, we gain access to true and lasting happiness. Life Constellations open energy flows to support our new life.

Achieve True Goals

As we align our goals and actions with our true purpose in life, everything opens up. Our life becomes a marvelous proof of what we are capable of and who we really are as humans. Life Constellations lead and guide us on this journey.

Living A True Life

When we know who we really are, what this life is all about, and when we align our system of values and actions with these realizations, we start to live A True Life. Life Constellations open our eyes, open our soul and lead us into A True Life.


The ultimate goal of every person’s life is to achieve Oneness with the Source of Life. Life Constellations allow us to experience and grow in these highest frequencies of human existence, Inner Divine Peace, Love, Goodness and Light. 


Life Constellations Workshops are organized into two groups, Know Thyself and Live Thylife Workshops.

Know Thyself Workshops

Know Thyself Workshops focus is assisting us in awakening our inner knowledge, rights and native abilities. By working on ourselves we would be opening entirely new possibilities in positively transforming our life challenges and living truly fulfilled life.

Inner Child Workshop

Awakening our inner child connects us with our own fountain of life. It brings many invaluable benefits to our adult life. Inner Child Workshop is structured in such a way to allow us to connect with our inner child energies and initiate reenergizing our life.

Self Love Workshop

Self love is the very foundation of our healthy and prosperous life. It really is a healthy acceptance of ourselves just the way we are. Self Love Workshop is structured in such a way to assist us in experiencing true self love and initiate awakening of self love in our life.

Self Forgiveness Workshop

Self Forgiveness Workshop main goal is to assist us in initiating transformation of blocking & sabotaging energies into a new life. As we experience true self forgiveness, there will be almost immediate and quite impactful relief of blocking energies within our very own being.

Pure Health Workshop

Pure Health is our super natural state of body, mind and soul. In this state we become super natural, we can achieve and be anything we can imagine. Pure Health Workshop is structured in such a way to initiate transformation of our current life to the state of Pure Health.

Inner Divine Peace Workshop

Inner Divine Peace is our very essence. It is who we really are. It is what our soul is craving for, to become one with the Source of Life thought the Inner Divine Peace. As we uncover Inner Divine Peace we start to elevate our being, joy and fulfilment to the highest possible levels.

Inner Divine Love Workshop

Inner Divine Love. Majestic beauty of our own being is within our own heart. Within us we posses an incredible beauty, goodness and love which are truly majestic. We call it Inner Divine Love. This workshop initiates the awakening of Inner Divine Love and beauty within us.

Live Thylife Workshops

Live Thylife Workshops focus on proving us with unique and invaluable assistance in positively transforming our life challenges as well as finding our own path to live truly purposeful and fulfilling life. A True Life.

Integrating Parents Workshop

If we would only know how much relationships with our mother and father impact everything in our life. Integrating Parents Workshop focuses on that, to assist us in resolving and transforming deep subconscious entanglements with our parents.

Life Surrender Workshop

Life Surrender is one of the most impactful ways how we can positively make the most out of our lives and achieve true lasting freedom and fulfilment in our life. Life Surrender Workshop works on bringing us true freedom, peace of mind and lasting satisfaction in life.

Life Challenges Workshop

Every one of us goes through various challenges in life. Challenges are great opportunities for our growth. Life Challenges Workshop is created with that very purpose, to help us find the root causes of our challenges and transform them into new improved life. 

Life Choices Workshop

Many times in life we find ourselves at crossroads. Life gets us into positions where we have to make significant decisions. Life Choices Workshop is designed with this in mind, to provide us with invaluable insights when making significant life decisions.

Life Projects Workshop

Life is one of the biggest gifts. It is given to us to make the most out of it. To grow spiritually, to grow our consciousness, to serve our family and humanity. Life Projects Workshop is designed exactly with this in mind, to enable us to gain invaluable insights for our life projects. 

Life Purpose & Prosperity Workshop

When we find what our purpose and mission in life is, and start working on it, we achieve the highest states of happiness, satisfaction and joy in life. Life Purpose & Prosperity Workshop is designed with this in mind, to enable us to gain invaluable insights into our true life purpose.


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