About Us


On this page we present what Life Constellations organization is all about, our core values, our vision and our mission.

A True Life

Life Constellations vision is that we all achieve the ultimate, to live a truly fulfilled life. Life which is in complete alignment with natural and cosmic laws of free flow of life and love, its beauty, prosperity, peace and light.

This would be achieved by evolving our consciousness to higher levels, through awakening of our dormant human potentials and native abilities, and through genuinely serving wellbeing of the entire humanity.

Know Thyself

Know Thyself. Two simple words. Simple words which carry everything that is of importance and essence to every single one of us. And to the entire humanity.

Life Constellations mission is to assist us in growing understanding of who we really are, what is this life all about and how to achieve our true purpose in life, as we continue to evolve our consciousness to the highest levels.

Life Constellations Roots

Life Constellations roots are based on Systems Constellations. Systemic Constellations have been present for centuries and in last 100 years have been spreading to the western world widely. Systemic Constellations are also well known as Family Constellations.

Systemic Constellations work is based on Divine Field of Existence, Morphic/Quantum Resonance, Phenomenology and Transgenerational Healing. As we quiet our minds and connect with Divine energies within us, we connect with Divine Field of Existence. The Divine Field of Existence allows us to transform and integrate energies to improve our lives and become true human beings.

The very origins of Systemic Constellations are coming from indigenous South African Zulu community. In the Western world one the most significant contributors to further evolution of Systemic and Family Constellations is Bert Hellinger. We sincerely, from the depths of our hearts, thank him for providing humanity with such a profound methodology for transforming our lives.

Our Workshops 

Life Constellations Workshops are designed in a way to connect us as with our very own essence. They allow us to transform and integrate our main challenges in life, focus our work on purposeful and life enriching activities and continue to evolve our consciousness toward Divinity.

At Life Constellations workshops we create a safe and supportive environment for all of us. This enables us to work effectively on transforming our life challenges, blocks, sabotages, fears and holdbacks into life supporting energies.

Our ultimate objective at the workshops is to provide you with unique and impactful support on your spiritual path  development.


We at Life Constellations firmly believe in the power of community. When we all provide our own individual contributions to the community, our mutual power and wellbeing grows exponentially.

When we freely share our knowledge, our realizations, our abilities, our resources, we can achieve anything that we may want, including Enlightened Planet.

We invite you to be an active member in your local community, and to take an active participation in the growth and development of our Life Constellations community.